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We offer Seasonal, Plant Based Menus, Local Shop & Prep Service.


hi, it's molly!


Molly DelMastro

Co-Founder, Good Mood Food

I’ve been eating a vegetarian diet since I was a teenager, but it hasn’t always been chia seeds and rainbow chard dreams.  It wasn’t until I was well into adulthood that I learned first hand how eating cleaner and more whole foods can truly change the trajectory of your health.

As a busy, time-stretched mom, trying to balance a healthy lifestyle while working a fast-paced, corporate position, life was a juggling act for sure.  My life was consumed with crazy stress levels, health issues and weight struggles... and I knew a change was necessary.  Knowing that good nutrition is the basis for a healthy lifestyle -  my trajectory started there. I began to eat as clean and ethically as possible.  I gained clarity, got my health in check, hiked daily, lost a bunch of weight and felt amazing. The benefits of eating more plants are abundant - your body becomes healthier and more at peace, and your mind becomes more positive.  Plants. Peace. Positivity.


Good Mood Food was created simply out of a desire to evoke purposeful, positive changes in peoples lives through a plant-forward approach to eating and overall wellness.  We wanted to create a business that was of purpose and aligned our beliefs with our actions.  We are certified in plant-based cooking and are creative, culinary dreamers.   We help you by taking the planning, shopping and prepping off your plate, so to speak.  We will work with you to give you the tools to save you time and elevate your taste buds so you can become a bad ass in the kitchen by making delicious, healthy, nutrient dense meals. 

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