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the road to good mood food

We were going to be a food truck!

The inspiration for Good Mood Food came to us a couple years ago while we were hiking. We knew we had something special brewing and although it may have taken some twists, turns & a global pandemic to get here, we finally did it! And we are super proud of the transformation that occurred since that day in the woods.

Transformation is a magical thing. You start from where you've always been; from your comfort zone, until you realize that what you thought you wanted, wasn't it at all. So you gradually make changes until you arrive somewhere new.

As two women who drastically changed our lifestyles in both our careers and health status, we understand this concept intimately!

Good Mood Food is the journey to discovering what makes YOU FEEL GOOD! Whether it's on your plate or in your life sometimes it takes some experimentation and exploration to figure it out. That's where we come in!

For decades (collectively), we've done the experimenting, taste-testing, toe-dipping, figuring it out so it can be simple and sustainable, failing, trying again, succeeding and always growing. So we get it and we've got your back.

It all starts with our mission to promote Plants, Peace & Positivity! We're talking introducing the plant-curious to amazing, whole-food, plant-based recipes; promoting Peace [of mind] and the ability to live in harmony with others through our menu of services. (Be sure to check them out BTW!) And last but not least, infusing Positivity in all we do because let's be real, without a positive mind-set we're not gonna get too far in life.

And the cool thing about change is that it's never-ending, so what aligns to your authentic self today, may not be the same thing tomorrow. Which is why, we are NOT a food truck!

Right now, it feels like the rug has been pulled out from under our world, which makes it the perfect time to check-in with yourself and try something new! Who knows what you'll discover!

We're here to help when you're ready!


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