Mindset may be the most important transformation when it comes to our health, but having an organized kitchen is a close second! Imagine if the hungry-horrors show up and you don’t know what you have to eat. Or worse, your kitchen is full of gross, mushy veggies & expired pantry items. From experience, this typically leads to grabbing processed snacks (that never expire) or the take-out menu. Either way, those choices take a toll on your waistline & your wallet! Let us clean out the clutter & organize your space in a way that inspires you to make better choices that will benefit your body & your budget!

fridge and pantry




  • 15 minute In-Home Initial Consultation. Conducted on the day of service.

  • Cleanse. Clear existing pantry & fridge items to clean, organize and categorize before restocking to create easy identification, culinary inspiration & access to healthier options.

  • Clean & Sanitize. Wipe down cabinet shelves, fridge shelves & bins, front of fridge & countertops.

  • Disposal. We will set-aside any expired food items & provide client with a list of items to replenish.

  • Good Mood Food Plant-Based Pantry Faves list.

  • In-Season Produce List.

  • Storage recommendations. Tips to keep your kitchen organized & your produce lasting longer.

  • Peace of mind, more time & energy to spend on living your Good Mood Food Life!

Service takes up to 3 hours.

At Good Mood Food, your health & wellness is our top priority.

We are ServSafe certified & committed to following all Massachusetts Board of Health & CDC Covid-19 guidelines.

Good Mood Food, LLC is not acting in the capacity of a doctor, licensed dietician-nutritionist,

psychologist or other licensed or registered professional, and that any advice given by

Good Mood Food, LLC is not meant to take the place of advice by these professionals.