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plant curious?

I was too!

But...tofu & kale; no cheese or eggs? No thanks!

One of the reasons it took me so long to transition to a primarily whole food, plant-based lifestyle despite how amazing I felt every time I experimented with it, was that I wasn’t willing to “give up” the comfort foods I had come to enjoy. With my limited experience, it still seemed like another diet with restrictions and rules.

When I realized that it wasn’t so much the actual cheese or eggs that I wanted, it was the flavors and the freedom from the diet roller coaster I had ridden for decades; I opened my mind to trying it, for real this time.

I was pleasantly surprised when I started researching recipes, following plant based food bloggers and digging into some really cool cookbooks. I even enrolled in school to become certified to cook plant based!

That may sound a little extreme, but my point is, instead of a diet full of restriction, I actually found a lifestyle full of delicious food, flavor & abundance. And the best part, it makes me feel GOOD; actually...great!

Notice; however, I said PRIMARILY whole-food, plant based. That was another mindset shift that has improved my health and led me to losing over 50lbs. I know I feel better eating fruits, veggies, whole-grains & legumes; however, sometimes a girl needs a Roasted Red Pepper Egg-White Bite from Starbucks or a slice of her Mom’s carrot cake on her birthday. So I enjoy those treats without guilt and get back to the lifestyle that serves my soul and my goals.

So if you're curious, take it one step at a time and lean on us for inspiration.

Molly’s been following this lifestyle for many years. Together, we've navigated through hundreds of recipes (even created some of our own), we know where to find those obscure ingredients and are very picky with our produce. So whether we help you plan your weekly menu to include a planty new recipe or two, do your weekly shopping to save you time and minimize your stress level or give you the royal treatment by prepping your ingredients so you can do your thing in the kitchen, we're here to guide and support you, share what we love and give you a little head start on your plant based adventure!


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