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what's filling your plate?

How often have you said "I have A LOT on my plate"? When you do, do you feel overwhelmed & frustrated OR joyful & enthusiastic? Honestly, I usually feel overwhelmed, frustrated & resistant with a dash of fear. It got me thinking...maybe I don't feel this way because my plate is FULL, but rather, because of what I'm FILLING it with.

I took an incredible Manifesting & Intuition Masterclass with Julie Clapp a couple weeks ago. I learned about the "vibrational scale", which is essentially the energy we bring to the table. The higher our energy; the greater our potential. And who wouldn't want to reach their highest & best potential? Sign me up!

When my plate is "traditionally" full, I'm at the middle-bottom of the scale. So how do we live full lives & keep our energy high?

Ironically, before the class, I made a list of how I wanted to fill my days. Excuse the chicken scratchings (keeping it real); here's what I wrote:

I looked at this list, visualized a day full of all the things & FELT joyful, free & empowered! Guess what? Those are the highest feelings on the vibrational scale! So how do you take the chicken scratchings & make them a reality?

Sometimes, all it takes is a shift in perspective. For example, when I looked at my actual planner and bumped it up against this list, many of the things I fill my day with already fall into one of those categories; but I was considering them obligations, interruptions or expectations. So instead of dreading the fact that I have to study for the upcoming National Board exam or get up early to fit in some movement, I can remind myself that I'm choosing to nourish my mind and move my body. Even a trip to the crowded grocery store can become nourishment instead of an unwelcome chore. Immediately, the energy around those activities becomes more positive.

Of course, there are also lots of things that don't fall into one of those categories or truly don't bring joy to our days. To those, I say it's time to set boundaries & stop saying yes so we can fill our days with something that WILL raise our energy. This can be a challenge but the more we exercise the boundary muscle the easier it will get.

Finally, there may be things on our list that are important but we've classified them as selfish (ahem...sleep, that yoga class, getting our hair done, coffee with a friend). We need to make space for these in our days. Otherwise, resentment, depression & even anger can creep in bringing our energy down the tubes. Like the saying goes, fill your cup (or plate) first so you have more to give others. It's true!

After our collective [mandated] pause this year, thanks to Covid, I feel like we've all been trying to catch up on our perceived lack of productivity. Like we should feel guilty that we had the opportunity to take a beat, breathe and prioritize our lives. So we've gone into overdrive in the past few months, to get down to business, fill our plates and make $h!# happen!

Before you continue down this path, I encourage you to do my little exercise. If you could fill your plate with all the things that bring you joy, what would they be? Write them down & keep them handy. As you plan your days over the next month, align your activities with your list, find space for the areas that are missing and if something doesn't fit your new've always got a choice to make a change & fill your plate with more of what makes you feel good!

Need more support in learning how to nourish yourself? Sign up for our winter group coaching program beginning January 4th.



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